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Welcome to Scandinavian Summer Social page. Take a look through our Facebook pages, social Official Pro Gallery, and post a selfie to join in on the fun. 

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Looking for something to do while at home? Take a selfie or picture and share it in our Scandinavian Summer Gallery above! If you have a mobile device take a picture and upload it below. We will put those images together on our website and social media for everyone to enjoy!

Also throughout Scandinavian Summer we have activities and events to participate in at home through the internet and this website. Let us know what you are doing during the events.

If you like share a picture of your family and what you are enjoying during these difficult times. We can still have fun even in challenging times. 


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Add your selfie images here and we will post them in an image gallery celebration on this page or even in a video.


We want to know what fun things you and your families are doing during Scandinavian Summer!

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